ConsignIt Mom 
Semi-Annual Children and Home Consignment Sale
Evansville, Indiana

How to Tag

  • Hang clothing on wire or plastic hangers. The hanger needs to face left so it looks like a question mark (?) (see pictures on right). You can often pick up wire hangers at local thrift stores or reuse the wire hangers from the items you purchased at our last sale! Dry-cleaners often give away wire hangers.  
  • Pants/shorts/skirts need to be safety pinned to the top half of the hanger (see bottom picture on right).
  • For Outfits, hang shirts first, then turn the hanger over and safety pin the bottoms to the top half of the hanger (see middle picture on right).
  • Shirts alone only need pins if it falls off the hanger easily. 
  • Sort your clothes by gender, size and brand prior to entering tags for the best efficiency.  Tags will print 8 to a page so we recommend entering only 32 - 40 at a time, then printing and attaching your tags to those items.
  • Enter tags by logging in to your account or registering for a new account using the links to the left and selecting "Enter Items".  Complete the information for the item and then click "Add Item".  Continue entering information for each item. 
  • Print tags by logging in to your account or registering for a new account using the links to the left and selecting "Print Tags".  Then follow the directions for generating your tag printout.  (To print your tags for free, you must log in to your account from a link on our website.)  We will be scanning items at check out and therefore tags need to be printed according to the following directions so that they will properly scan.  Please follow these steps when printing tags:
    • Paper weight - use 60# - 67# paper or 110# card or cover stock, do not use regular paper.
    • Paper color - white or pastel paper only.  Dark colored paper will not scan.  WHITE is the best choice.
    • Printer Settings - use NORMAL or DRAFT settings.  Best quality can sometimes be  too dark and causes barcodes to bleed.
    • Printer Color - print with "Black Cartridge" only.
  • Safety pin your tag to clothing on the right front (see pictures on right).  Pin should go in and out of the tag on the line.
  • Tape index card with clear packing tape to toys, books, videos, cribs, baby equipment etc. Please use one piece of packing tape only and do not put tape over the barcode.
  • Groups of Books should be placed in a ziplock or tied together with string.  The card should then be taped on the outside of the bag or on the top book.
  • Shoes may be tied together with string, shoelaces tied together, held fast with safety pins, or, if it won’t hurt the shoes, held together with clear packing tape. Please only bring your best shoes!
  • Get ready for our next sale! As your child outgrows clothing wash it, tag it, and hang it. This will make preparation a breeze for our next sale!

Remember - Items will sell best when they look new. It’s worth your time to launder and press clothes and clean up baby equipment.